Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Man In Red Stopped Here!

6am: Mum wakes up
6.20: Caitlin wakes up
6.30: Caitlin can't wait any longer so she wakes her brother and dad too

Have a look at how impressed William is! He's still half asleep and wondering why his crazy sister has dragged him from his slumber lol.

It doesn't take too long for William to realise there is a new bike in the house, and a sack full of goodies.

Caitlin decided to wait until William had taken everything out of his sack before starting on hers. The journey begins....

Finally Caitlin pulls a pink Nintendo DS from the bottom of her sack. A tad excited... ah, yep!

More photos to come after we've been to Wollongong for dinner at Granma and Grampys.

Magic Reindeer Food

On Christmas Eve before you sleep,
Step outside and take a peek.
Can you see them? Are they there?
You don't think so? Never fear!
While still outside do this simple deed:
Sprinkle this packet of special feed
The glow of the stardust, the smell of the oats,
Will draw to your house those special folks!
They can't miss you now, there's nothing to fear
This mix will draw Santa and his famous reindeer.

Every Christmas Eve the kids sprinkle a magic mix of reindeer food on the front lawn. It's a simple mix of oats and glitter, but it does the trick!

It's Officially Christmas Day!

The clock has ticked over, and it's now officially Christmas Day. I think we are ready to go. I hope we are anyway!

So, a big fat Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope you all have a wonderful day full of surprises.

I thought I'd share this layout of Caitlin. It was here very first Christmas. It seems like a life time ago, but only yesterday at the same time.

Merry Christmas xxx

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Mum - 21st of December

On Sunday we went to Harden for Mums birthday.

Aunty Barb, Uncle Russ and Aunty Col joined us for lunch at Which Craft. I love that place. It's a treasure trove of handmade things, and they always do a yummy lunch.

After lunch we went to Aunty Darkie and Tigers place, and dad and I also popped out to see Aunty Kay and Luke. It was great catching up with everyone.

Happy Birthday Mum xxx

Last day of Year 1

I can't believe that Caitlin has finished her 2nd year of school! 1st class is over and done with already! Of course Miss Caitlin does think she knows it all and doesn't need to go to school anymore lol.

Mrs Fairall was a great teacher. Caitlin loved having her for year 1. Next year she has Mrs Reinert. She is fantastic too, so I'm sure Caitlin will love her just as much!

I Can See A Rainbow...

The other afternoon we had some light cloud, a bit of a sprinkle of rain, and an amazing rainbow.
I love rainbows. I still get excited when I see them... just as I did when I was a little girl. Love them.

Williams Pre-school Christmas Party - 17th December

William attends Holy Family Pre-school. It's the most gorgeous pre-school. Everything about it is wonderful.

On the 17th of December they had their Christmas party. What a night!

There was a jumping castle, face painting, show bags, raffles, truffles, great food, a performance by all the kids (except William who wouldn't get off the jumping castle!), and of course a special visit by Santa!

All the kids got a book from Santa which was terrific.

In the first photo, William is pictured with his best friend, Paulo. These little guys get on so well. They are great mates.

Then we have Caitlin painted up as Rudolph. William giving Santa a great big cuddle.

And the last picture is of course Santa, William and his 2 teachers Rebecca and Helen. These girls are amazing.

Top night enjoyed by all.

Happy Birthday Georgia - 14th of December

On the 14th of December the kids went to Georgia's birthday party. They had a ball.

The egg and spoon race was a big hit with William... especially when he got a head start and won the race by a mile!

Bath Time with Oliver!

Caitlin & Will just loved having Oliver join them in the bath. A very special treat for all!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Little Scrapbook Shop Cybercrop - 12th December

At LSBS, we want to know, what do you believe? The questions are endless, and the beautiful girls on the Design Team are preparing magical challenges for you all. We will be having a few special challenges and surprises as well this month, so make sure you stay tuned. The first of these has already been announced.

Save the 12th of December, and the entire weekend, for some scrapping and chatting my little petals. It's going to be a Cybercrop filled with the magic of Christmas.

High School Musical 3

With all the hype and excitment surrounding HSM3, how could I not take Caitlin to the movies to see it. She absolutely loves HSM1 & 2. I just couldn't not take her, even though I am not a fan of going to the movies and it costs lots.
So we went today with her best friend in the whole wide world, Georgia and her mum Charlmaine.

I've got to say that the movie isn't that bad. Sure there are some very cheesy moments, and a few times where you just want to burst out laughing but can't cause it is all very teen angst serious, but all in all it wasn't too bad.

Caitlin and Georgia absolutely loved it. There favourite bit was the graduation day scene... but don't ask for any more information than that cause you just won't get any.
Of course I was there with camera in had to capture the girls and their cinema experience.
After the movie, Georgia came home with us to do some craft. Craft quickly turned into play acting with the girls dressing up to be Gabriella and Sharpay. That's fine... until William decides he wants to dress up too!My little ballerina boy! He's just too cute! As much as Russ tried to convince him it wasn't a good look lol.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tis the Season

I thought my head was going to explode yesterday. The minute Caitlin opened her eyes it was "Can we put the Christmas tree up? Can we put the Christmas tree up? Can we put the Christmas tree up?"etc. etc. As soon as picked them up from school it was the same all over again.

I'm happy to report the Christmas tree is up, and looking as spectacular as 7 and 4 year old could possibly make it.

There are clumps of decorations here and there, while other parts of the tree are naked. There's home made decorations, school craft, there is even a tree within the tree!

The excitment has now died down. 23 days to go.