Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Quick Bits

~ Took the kids swimming on Friday... for 3 hours! Shanice and Connor came too. They had a great time, but in the middle of the night Caitlin woke up screaming in pain with an ear infection.

~ Have just taken delivery of our new fridge and clothes dryer! WOO HOO!

Quick Layouts

I can not believe how big I am in this photo with my brother taken in December 2004. It's out of control!
Thank goodness I am now back in control and don't look like a bloated balloon anymore!
Caitlin so desparately wanted Mary-Jane's for her first pair of big school shoes, but we just couldn't get them in brown so she got lace ups in stead. They lasted her all year, but by the last day of school they were trashed and went straight into the bin.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Quick Bits

~ Caitlin received her school report on Friday and it was brilliant. One A, two Bs, and the rest Cs. Way to go Caitlin!

~ William is finally better and WILL be going to school tomorrow. Regardless of his claims that he is still very sick.

~ The Bombers were flogged on Friday night. Very disappointing!

~ Today I wore a pair of size 10 cargo pants! Who knew I'd ever be a size 10 again? I certainly didn't!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dance Fever

This term at school K-2 have been doing Dance Fever. Yesterday parents were treated to a mini-concert so the kids could show off some of their moves.

It was a hoot. Especially when the kids all asked their parents to get up and have a dance with them! I was actually grateful for the offer to dance cause it was really cold and it helped warm up the bones.

Caitlin and Kyle have been friends since kindy. He's such a sweetie.

Next year they'll be at it again... Caitlin can't wait for the next round of Dance Fever.

Creating for Scrap Girls Christmas in July Retreat

The Scrap Girls Christmas in July Retreat is just around the corner, and Miss Kylie sprung another challenge kit upon me to do samples with.

I loved working with this kit. The colours are so warm and everything worked so well together.

From the contents of the kit, pictured below, I managed to create 4 layouts and 5 cards! Not a bad effort at all. I've still got a few bits and pieces left over and my mind has been ticking as to what I can do with them... we shall see!

Here's my card set....

And here's my layouts...

Will we be seeing you at the Scrap Girls Christmas in July Retreat? I hope so!