Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Birthday William!

A little bit behind getting this up, since it was Williams birthday on the 23rd of April! Better late than never don't they say lol.

Will woke up only slightly earlier than usual, and dove straight into Poppy and Granma's bed, which saw them both get out lol. Caitlin joined him and then it was on as he ripped open not so carefully wrapped gifts.

He has been playing Shanices' Super Mario Bros DS game and wanted his own... do you think he was happy when he received it?

It was Mufti Day at school on his birthday... here he is waiting for Poppy and Grandma to walk him and Caitlin to school... he'd had enough of me snapping at this stage...

Finally, off they go...

As luck would have it, the Bulldogs were playing the Broncos on William's birthday, so Poppy and Granma took the kids to the footy too! They had the best time, and the Dogs won which made it even better!

Finally after they arrived home from footy it was time for cake. It's never too late to eat cake is it? Apparently not!