Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

Why this photo? Cause everytime I try to take a photo of my dad he puts his hand up, or turns away, or sticks out his bum!

Happy Birthday dad. Love you heaps xxx

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Birthday TK & Fingers Comes to Stay

Last night we celebrated TK's 50th Birthday at Campbelltown Catholic Club. TK didn't know everyone was going to be there and he was very surprised to see everyone. Had a top time catching up with people and enjoying a night out.

Fingers flew up from Melbourne for the event and spent the weekend with us. The kids thought he was fantastic! They wouldn't leave him alone. Of course, Fingers now thinks he's the God of Radford Place and is thinking about starting his own cult as he already has 2 devotees lol.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

3 more with BG Offbeat...

How I love this range from Basic Grey. I've now done 10 layouts with it and counting.

Monday, February 16, 2009

52 Pick Up Challenge Update

I finaly did Deanne's Challenge 2. We had to make 3 cards using scraps, and green.

Challenge 5 was set by Helen and not only did we have to make a card with a love them, gold and a heart, we also had to make an envelope from scratch! Can you tell I'm not really a cardie? lol.

Challenge 7 was only set yesterday by Tracy, and here it is already. It was to make a journal that we can record our challenges in. I had the day off work today (YAY me!) and spent the day at Belle's. We scrapped like demons!

Still have Challenge 6 to do to be up-to-date. I've tried 3 times, but each finished layout hasn't met the journalling strip criteria. I don't know why, but I am determined to do it this week.

I'm doing it 52 times this year... are you? Register and play at Little Scrapbook Shop.

LSBS Did It For Victoria

What a horrific time it has been for the people of Victoria. So many lives lost. So many homes gone. So many communities reduced to ashes. It has been heartbreaking.

Little Scrapbook Shop had their Cybercrop on the weekend and pulled together a Silent Auction in a matter of days.

There were 26 lots to bid on, each of them donated by some very generous people. When all was said and done.....

What a great result. The money will be given to the Red Cross. Fantastic effort from everyone.
Aside from the Silent Auctions, there were also inspiring challenges. I only managed 3 this weekend, and here they are...
Challenge 1 - Sketch Challenge set by Kerryn Leworthy.
I scrapped this gorgeous photo of Dannii & Lara I took on Christmas Day. I had to turn the sketch upside down to get it to work, and I love the result.
Challenge 2 - Guest Designer Challenge set by Cath Latta
Cath loves her craft knife and will sit for hours cutting detailed patterned paper, so of course her challenge had the same requirement for us. Not to mention foam tape!
How cute are these 3 little guys... another Christmas Day photo.

It was all about obsession so I scrapped photos of my washing line. I really don't like anyone messing with my washing... a little bit obsessive, ah... yeah!

How yum are the new WRMK papers? Gorgeous! And complete with glitter!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

William's Last Year at Home

William went back to pre-school on Thursday. He was busting to get back, and he was hugging all his teachers and just so excited to be there.

This is his last year at home. He's almost 5! Next year it's BIG school, with his BIG sister.

He is doing so well. His speech is improving everyday. His understanding improving. His social skills are out of sight. He's gone from being so shy to approaching anybody and anyone who will listen, and hopefully play! And I know he is going to develop and change so much more over the course of this year.

It's his last year before big school....

LSBS 52 Pick Up ~ Challenge 4

So loving the Little Scrapbook Shop 52 Pick Up Challenge.

Last week Bellagirl challenged us to PUNCH ON and create a layout using our punches which have been in hiding.

I dusted off my retro flower punch, and here's what I did.

I took this photo of the kids with their new Summer friend, Joel, on holidays. Very cute.

Helen has just announced Challenge 5. A card, of course, which I am going to tackle this week.

Caitlin's BIG Week

Missy started back at school on Wednesday. She was so excited to be heading back. A Year 2 girl now. I can't quiet believe that she is into her 3rd year at big school. It's all happening so fast. Really fast.

She loves her new class, and her teacher, Mrs Reinert is one of the best. She's going to have a great year.

On Saturday Caitlin had to go to the dentist to have a tooth out. Do you want to know how it went?

From the minute she woke up, she carried on a treat... I seriously didn't think I was going to get her out the door, even though I said she could wear her favourite dress which is only for special occassions.

We finally made it just in time, and then she really turned it on. She was so stubborn. Tears. Yelling. The carry on was unbelievable.

Now, this kid has had 2 fillings and been to the dentist for her checkups and cleanings so she is familiar with what happens and the dentist, nurse and receptionist.

Anyway... Finally after many threats (of no lollies, ice cream, treats, etc. etc. ever again in her whole life), I got in the chair, and she laid on top of me! 2 seconds after she started breathing in that strawberry gas she was off her face and the dentist could have done anything he wanted to her.

Tooth out, tooth fairy been, all is good... now.

She has promised that next time we go to the dentist she is going to do it with grace and style! We shall see lol.