Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Toy Story 3

Still in the holidays, and it was decided that it was time to take William to the movies for the very first time! Toy Story 3 was showing, and Connor, Shanice and Kylie came too.

The kids decided to sit in the row in front of us 'oldies' which was fine as we could keep an eye on them.

At some stage during the movie, Will got a bit restless and had a walk around the dimly lit cinema. This wasn't a problem as it was a kids movie and there were heaps of little ones there making noise and the like.

Wasn't a problem until William came running down the aisle yelling 'run away... run away'... it was a bit naughty and a bit funny all at the same time.

Still, all the kids were really well behaved and I will be taking them back. It didn't scare me off lol.

Big Day Out with the Sydney Swans

In the July school holidays, the Sydney Swans had a day for sponsors kids. As Russ works for MSA who is a major sponsor, we had 2 very excited kids up early and ready to go on the 6th of July!

Caitlin and Will had an absolutely ball (excuse the pun)! They loved everything about the entire day, and it was made even more special by getting their hats signed by assorted players afterwards!

Caitlin is just about to kick the ball in this shot. It was hard to get photos of them on the ground.

Of all the activities they did, both kids agreed that 'speckys' were the best!

BOG 4th of July!

On the 4th of July William received the Best On Ground award at AusKick. He was so pleased with himself and held on to that trophy day and night for the week that he had it!