Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Still miss you Grandad...

A grandfather is someone with silver in his hair and gold in his heart. ~Author Unknown

Miss you everyday Grandad x

Sunday, September 20, 2009

You're how old?

The 19th of September, and the big fella turns another year older. Most people think Russ is much younger than he really is... often people say he's in his late 30s which up to 10 years his junior.
Here's the truth, he just turned 46! Starting to get a few wrinkles, but the most tell tale sign is those whitish-greyish hairs appearring at a rate of knots on the sides... becoming slightly distinguished he'll tell you lol.

He was woken by 2 little children exciting as anything to be giving their daddy presents... William was so excited that he had let one cat out of the bag on Thursday. Still, Russ acted as surprised as if he didn't know.

We dined at the Allroy Tavern for lunch which was very yummy, and then went on the search for a certain pair of shoes that Russ has been wanting for quiet some time, and despite all efforts we came home empty handed.

The disappointment was short lived when we put as many candles as we could fit on the cake and sung Happy Birthday in some kind of tuneless manner and tucked into one of Woolies finest Chocolate Mud Cakes.

Caitlin had decided that she was cooking dinner and she put a lot of thought into what we should have. Corn & Bacon Pizza, followed by Chocolate Sundaes. Caitlin did an awesome job and dinner was really yummy. I think she can cook for us again anytime!

Of course, there's really only one way to finish the birthday day, and that's with a couple of Jim Beams, and a whole lot of footy. Sadly, the kids and I fell asleep around 10pm and Russ was left to continue his celebrations all on his own.
Happy Birthday Honey xxx

Athletics Carnival

It's a beautiful day, the sun is shining, and the season is right for the annual athletics carnival. All the kids are out in their sports house colours. Caitlin being yellow for Newcombe.

It starts with the 90mtr age race. Caitlin lines up, takes her mark, and when she does cross the line, she gets a ribbon for having a go. Good on you honey!

Then it's time for the much anticipated novelty events. Bring on the sack race, the egg & spoon race, the relays and tunnel ball. I was a very proud mummy when she crossed the line first in the egg & spoon event. Caitlin was focused, concentrated, and walked like an Olympic demand! You go girl!

Apparently though, the best thing about Athletics Carnival day is not the race, the novelty events, or the ribbons... it's getting to go home early with your mum!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Please don't touch the iron...

Most of you probably know that Aunty Rae, god love her, actually does my ironing. Well, she's been rather sick the past couple of weeks and this afternoon I thought I'd do the right thing and get stuck into it.

I get out the ironing basket... get out the board and the iron... plug it in to get it hot, and say to the kids "Please don't touch the iron, it is very hot and will burn you".

I turn around and what do you think happens?... Yep... William puts his entire hand, palm side, on the iron.

I put his hand under cold running water, and at first all I could see was a mark near his little finger. After about 5 minutes, I gave him a cold face washer to wrap it in.

He started screaming and crying and repeating "It hurts! It hurts!".

I take the face washer off to find his entire palm is showing signs of a burn. I pulled the ironing cord out of the wall, locked the back door, put the kids in the car and to the doctors we went.

By the time we got there he was out of control with pain. Dr. Bartlet asked us immediately what was wrong and put some special burn cream on it. He was called in pretty quick, thank goodness, not just for him, but I think some of the other people waiting weren't coping very well with his pain.

The Dr. put more cream on and dressed it. We have to go back again tomorrow for more cream and dressing. Will see how it is going and how long we will need to go back for. The Dr. thinks it should be ok cause the skin didn't break.

And he has his first transition day at big school tomorrow! At least he'll have a conversation starter! Poor little guy.

Quick Bits

~ 29th of August Russ and I went to the Swans V Brisbane game. We were guests in the Chairmans Lounge which is a top place to be. Five star dining and a great place to watch the game.

Not normally an autograph chaser, but I did score one from Matt Preston of Master Chef fame. I also bailed up Barry Hall as Caitlin thinks he's the best, and last but not least Brett Kirk was right there so I just had to get his too!

~ Father's Day weekend actually saw Russ head to Melbourne for Hollywood's 50th birthday bash. He came home on Sunday afternoon a simple shell... when are these boys going to learn they aren't as young as they used to be and staying out til 4am (and then having to fly home) isn't as attractive as it used to be lol.