Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Intruder

A couple of weeks ago we had an intruder in our yard. A wee puppy snuck into our backyard from next door. Was it a sign that we were ready to get a new dog? Russ, Caitlin and William definately thought so. I took her back home, and our neighbours also thought it was a sign too.

She was still a couple of weeks from being ready to leave home so at least I had some time to think about it.

On Saturday just gone Rowena (neighbour) popped over to see if we would like to have her. While I was at the door thinking, the rest of the family were in the back ground yelling "YES!".

Sunday morning, little Abbie became part of the Brown family. And here she is...

William is completely in love with her. First thing in the morning he bounces out of bed and straight outside to see her. The minute we get home in the afternoon, all he wants to do is see Abbie, which he pronounces as Happy, which is so cute!

Caitlin loves to hold her when she is sleeping, but gets a bit worried when she gets too playful.

Hayley is getting used to her new mate. They are playing better every day which is a big relief.

So there we go, a new member of the family has arrived. Wish me luck with toilet training!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

We Were Robbed!

Last night the Bulldogs played the Dragons. A top of the table clash that was going to be a cracker.


The Bulldogs have absolutely been ripped off. I had steam coming out my ears and was absolutely fuming... truth be told, I still am!

Jamie Soward (the prancing cat) fooled the video ref protesting that Eastwood impeded him... he milked that for all it was worth. There was no way Eastwood impeded him! Soward made no attempt to go after Patten, and even if he did he wouldn't have got him.

What a joke! The 3rd referee should be sacked on the spot! That was a rubbish decision if ever I've seen one. Just how much did the Dragons scrape together to pay off the refs last night? I can't believe it!

How can we have 2 referees on the field, 2 touch judges, and one video ref and still get it so wrong?

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Few Quick Things...

~ Caitlin received the Peace and Joy Award at school this week. The award is for cooperation, respectfulness, responsibility, care, compassion, fair go and integrity. Well done Caitlin... so proud of you xxx

~ We won 8th prize in the Mother's Day raffle at Caitlin's school. Very exciting! In the prize pack we got a candle, body butter, bath salts, a face washer, hand towel and a inspirational little book. YAY us!

~ William now says after he 'pops off'.... "Excuse me.. that's rotten!" lol. Caitlin has also joined in saying this... too funny.

Happy Birthday Little Scrapbook Shop!

What ya doing this weekend? Come and join us at Little Scrapbook Shop as we celebrate our 4th Birthday with an inspirational Cybercrop.

See you there!

Scrap Girls Retreat In Review

What can I say but TOPS! I honestly think Scrap Girls Retreats just keep getting better and better!

Long Point was the most comfortable place I've ever slept on retreat, and I was so warm and toasty thanks to Kellie and her mum Robyn (pick the looser who left her doona at home!).

The shop (Little Scrapbook Shop) was unreal. There was so much new product to choose from. Every piece of paper more coverted than the one before!

Here's a few quick pics from the weekend....

9 weeks til the Christmas in July retreat! Eeeekkk! Seriously can't wait, but there's so much to do in the meantime!