Saturday, May 16, 2009

We Were Robbed!

Last night the Bulldogs played the Dragons. A top of the table clash that was going to be a cracker.


The Bulldogs have absolutely been ripped off. I had steam coming out my ears and was absolutely fuming... truth be told, I still am!

Jamie Soward (the prancing cat) fooled the video ref protesting that Eastwood impeded him... he milked that for all it was worth. There was no way Eastwood impeded him! Soward made no attempt to go after Patten, and even if he did he wouldn't have got him.

What a joke! The 3rd referee should be sacked on the spot! That was a rubbish decision if ever I've seen one. Just how much did the Dragons scrape together to pay off the refs last night? I can't believe it!

How can we have 2 referees on the field, 2 touch judges, and one video ref and still get it so wrong?

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Princess Tamara said...

Oh you poor baby. And those poor little puppies. Hugs to you - I hope you aren't too devestated.