Sunday, March 28, 2010

Layouts of My Little Man

Loving the Cosmo Cricket Joy Ride range. It's so cute!

This photo of William speaks volumes to me. His little face is covered in sand. He's sweaty. He's oh so happy. His eyes are so bright. I've captured him at a moment of pure joy.

As many of you know, William's life has been full of obsticles... he's had a real struggle on his hands, and through this we have been more inventive as parents... more tolerant... more patient... more open to ideas that we previously would not have considered.

I wanted to put that message across with this photo, but without saying all of those things. After much thought I came up with a simple, yet perfectly summed up one line... because of you, I've been to places not found on any map.

Easter is on the horizon!

Easter is coming, the geese are getting fat... hold on, that's not right... geese have something to do with Christmas, which I believe was only yesterday and suddenly, in a blink of an eye, it's Easter!

Here's some very quick and easy Easter gift ideas for you I made over at Little Scrapbook Shop...

I really wanted to make a cute Easter basket, so I gathered my thoughts, made my own template and within 30 minutes I had one ready to fill with eggs. I used a thin piece of chipboard so I could easily score, fold and manipulate it. I did paint the inside white and spray with Glimmer Mist, which probably isn't necessary, but it does look very pretty!

Glass jars are so handy to have around. I keep a small stash of cute ones, and I particularly love the ones mustard comes in. They aren't too big, aren't too small, and when they are decorated and filled they look adorable. I decided not to put a sentiment on my jar so the recipient could use it for something else once they've eaten all the eggs!

And of course, one wee Easter card just because I could!

Visit Little Scrapbook Shop for all the details, and a template to make that cute little basket.

New Season... New Boots

We had to take Caitlin shopping for new boots a couple of weekends ago. She was pretty keen on some pink ones, but they didn't fit. So in the end she chose these. I think they're tops.

William scored her old ones, and he was thrilled as he thinks they are beautiful!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

We're Cybercropping at Little Scrapbook Shop

It's all happening at Little Scrapbook Shop! We're cybercropping this weekend, and the challenges are all fantastic.

I choose to scrap 'ugly'... here's my challenge...

What can I tell you? I don't wake up pretty. In fact, I wake up pretty damn ugly!
My hair is always sticking up, sticking out and occassionally pressed to my head in some kind of bizarre swimming cap fashion.
My eyes never really open until I've had a shower. Until such time they appear droppy, and the bags underneath them... well, a picture tells a thousand words!
The skin pores on my face always seem larger than life in the morning. At least until I've showered and given it a good old fashioned wash.
Quiet frankly, I feel rather limp when I wake up... and plain old ugly!
I'm not going to ask you to put yourself out there at your ugliest for this challenge, although, if you want to go right ahead! Your challenge is to scrap a photo of something or someone in an ugly state.
Some ideas to get you started... obviously you could be brave and do yourself in all your morning glory. Perhaps a child throwing a big tantrum or pulling an ugly face. Or what about an old photo where the fashion left something to be desired. Maybe a car you once owned that was ugly. Or something around your house that is so ugly you can't wait to change it (bring on Powerball!). There's heaps of opportunities to scrap ugly.
But wait! There's more! I also want to see at least one piece of patterend paper cut into a circle on your layout. I have't seen enough circle work lately!
If you have a weak stomach, I suggest you look away now before you see my sample lol.

If you're looking for some inspiration, pop over to the Little Scrapbook Shop forum and grab some!

Friday, March 12, 2010

More Variety Than A Bakery!

Over the past 18 months I have baked all the sweet treats for the kids (and Russ and I!). All the biscuits, slices, cake, muffins and more. I really do love the baking and the kids love pitching in to help out too.

I always get a big thumbs up from Caitlin... as seen here lol...

And they love the variety they get. From Sweet Weetbix Slice to 3 different types of biscuits to choose from, they say it's better than a bakery! It's all good... all low in fat... and the best bit, no additives or preservatives.

2 Cheeky Kids

He declares... "I love HAM!"

She says... "I was born messy!"

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Seasoned Scrapper - Summer - Week 6

This weeks challenge was set by Tracy Wyldman. We had to use a line from Billy Thorpes song 'It's Almost Summer'.

Here's my sample...

52 buttons, and every single one of them sewn on!

The Seasoned Scrapper - Summer - Week 5

Deanne set the challenge for week 5 which was to make some cards inspired by summer colours. I took it one step further and also added summer foods to each one of my cards.

My Everday Romeo

Love you babe x

But Wait! There's More!

Even more layouts using Loire Valley... and I can feel some cards coming on with the scrappy bits I have left over!

I just love love love this range!