Sunday, August 16, 2009

Swans V Geelong

Because the kids were part of Auskick this year we got free tickets to the Swans V Geelong game. Caitlin was so excited to be going to the game she could hardly wait. William on the other hand didn't quiet understand that we were just going to watch the game, he thought, actually believed, he was going to play footy!

What would the big adventure be without mum and her camera shooting 97 photos? Here's a sample...

Here's Russ as we head down the M4... all the skill of a precision driver lol...

I highly doubted that I would be in any photos, so I took the opportunity to take one of myself while we were cruising down the M4... note kids also appear in photo...

Try as I might, no-one wanted to co-operate so I could get a nice photo of Russ and the kids at the ground. This is the best of a series of ordinary shots...

After several attempts to get a nice photo of William, he finally smiled for the camera. What happened to his top row of teeth is a mystery to me! At least I got one...

And Caitlin, well, she just loves the camera. Many great shots of her enjoying the night...

I took many photos of the boys on ground, the huddle being the best cause they were standing still!

William hardly stayed still throughout the game... up and down the aisle, chatting to everyone and anyone. Caitlin cheered and watched, picking up some ideas for her own game.
Unfortunately they don't allow kick-to-kick at night games, and William was so disappointed cause all he wanted to do was get out on the ground and play. It took quiet a while to drag him out of the ground. Then he suddenly had a mystery leg pain which required Russ to give him a shoulder ride back to the car lol.
A top night which we all enjoyed and should do more often.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Caitlin & the Kellyville Magpies

Both the kids did an Auskick program during Term 2. Caitlin loved it! Heaps better than netball she says.

So, we signed her up with the Kellyville Magpies and on the 25th of July she laced up her very first pair of footy boots for her very first AFL game!

She did so well. Having a run in the forward and back lines during the game. Didn't get a touch of the ball, but she followed it everywhere.

And what does a little brother do who isn't quiet ready to play as yet? Sit on the side lines and have a cry! Next year mate.

Caitlin played again on Sunday just gone, and she was team captain. Way to go honey!