Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter is on the horizon!

Easter is coming, the geese are getting fat... hold on, that's not right... geese have something to do with Christmas, which I believe was only yesterday and suddenly, in a blink of an eye, it's Easter!

Here's some very quick and easy Easter gift ideas for you I made over at Little Scrapbook Shop...

I really wanted to make a cute Easter basket, so I gathered my thoughts, made my own template and within 30 minutes I had one ready to fill with eggs. I used a thin piece of chipboard so I could easily score, fold and manipulate it. I did paint the inside white and spray with Glimmer Mist, which probably isn't necessary, but it does look very pretty!

Glass jars are so handy to have around. I keep a small stash of cute ones, and I particularly love the ones mustard comes in. They aren't too big, aren't too small, and when they are decorated and filled they look adorable. I decided not to put a sentiment on my jar so the recipient could use it for something else once they've eaten all the eggs!

And of course, one wee Easter card just because I could!

Visit Little Scrapbook Shop for all the details, and a template to make that cute little basket.

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