Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Disco Diva

Tonight was the night. The School Christmas Disco. Got to love watching Kindy and Year 1 things shake their groove things for an hour.

Caitlin of course is no exception to the rule. She loves getting ready, and we must leave early so she can be first on the red carpet. Once inside and glow stick purchased she is itching for the music to start so she can dance the night away. And dance she did!
Caitin insisted on getting herself dressed and I wasn't allowed to peek. It was a surprise! Here she is in the backyard in her Christmas Disco outfit, looking oh so cute, and practising a few dance moves as well.

The usual suspects were in attendance, including Caitlins 3 best friends, Georgia, Grace and Taylah. These girls are as thick as theives.

Mrs Fairall (Caitlin's) techer was in attendance, and Caitlin promptly hijacked her for a few dances. I also got hauled up for the final number.

All the kids had a great time, and that's the main thing.

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Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

Aaww thats so cute!! They looks so lovely too.

Our end of year disco is next week. Looking forward to snapping some pics of my girls shaking their groove thing too!!