Sunday, November 2, 2008

William, Caitlin and a Permanent Marker....

Some might say that William & Caitlin get drawing on their belly's from me... possibly it is true that I have lead by example in this department.

All was quiet the other afternoon. I was outside reading a magazine. The kids were inside watching a bit of TV... or so I thought.

Next thing, William is standing in front of me, shirt off, and using his hands to make his belly face talk! Not only did Caitlin draw this beautiful face on his belly, she also drew a back view of the head on his back! Very clever Miss Caitlin!

4 days on and it's still there. The wonders of permanent marker lol.


Tracy said...

LOL Nic :)
How cute are your kids... yep was wondering where they got the idea of the permanent marker on the belly drawing!!! ROFL
Too cute
Trac x

Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

Look at that cheeky face (looks just like you Nic! hehe).

Too cute!