Monday, November 10, 2008

Family Fun...

Saturday afternoon I had a little dummy spit as we haven't been doing much lately. A lot of staying home and not much else.

So Sunday we headed up to The Entrance where our friends John & Julie have The Lakes pub. We had lunch there which was very yummy, and got to catch up with John, Julie, Toddy (congratulations on become a grandfather!) and Scott.

After lunch we took the kids down to the waterfront where there is a cool park for the kids. Both the kids had a great time, especially William who has no fear and ignores being cold until his lips are blue and he's shaking like a leaf. Caitlin on the other hand enjoyed playing in the water for about 5 minutes, then complained relentlessly that she was cold. All was well with the world once they both had ice cream in their little hands.

Here's my first attempt at a bit of a photo collage.... I think I need some practice, and maybe some expert advice as to what program/s to use. I'm sure you get the general idea though.

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