Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas (un)Wrap-Up

Off we went to Granma and Grampy's for Christmas dinner. Caitlin played her DS all the way there and back. William slept, which is pretty normal. He's just like his mother when it comes to travelling in cars.
There was much excitment on arrival at Kanahooka. The Christmas tree was overloaded with gifts... so much so that they were sprawling out into the lounge room. All of the kids were that excited they could hardly contain themselves, and it wasn't too long before Grannie Annie donned the Santa hat and started handing out the presents.
There was an stream of torn paper from one end of the lounge room to the other when all was said and done. It all happened so quickly I didn't get to snap off many photos.

Caitlin and Hannah really enjoyed hanging out together.... they both got (amongs other things) a little walkman radio. They were groving away all night!

And boys will be boys! Sliding around on all of the paper in the lounge room, running through the house, playing with cars, they just had so much fun together, none of them wanted it to end!
And the youngest member of the family, well, she just took it all in her stride...

All together they had a terrific time together, and I'm sure they can't wait until Christmas to roll around in 2009!

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granniebea said...

Do you think you could handle another Christmas like 2008???It was great fun.